Thursday, 7 January 2010


Okay, one day of snow... kiddies being off school... and seeing them playing outside was fun...
but the strenuous cold and icy conditions, as meant that my 3 treasures have been off school all week.And I haven`t been able to open my shop! Which means, everyday that it`s closed...
I`m losing money!
And bills still have to get paid! Urghh!!!
Although the heavy signs of snow does look pretty...
... and very fluffy!
And according to my cheecky Daniel (who`s 7), it tastes yummy too! :-)
So I have been busy finishing projects that I`ve started on the Christmas holidays,
as well as starting new ones... as a matter of fact I haven`t stopped at all!
I will show the end products on another post, hopefully soon!
Also, as soon as the shop re-opens, fingers crossed next Monday...
I intend to make some changes to it!
My shop is divided by 4 small rooms, which used to be the lounge,
dining room, kitchen and the small yard that has been covered and is also a room,
although I`m still awaiting for the landlord to sort the damp that we have in it,
in order to use it fully...
(Photo of the back yard room, below.)
My first intentions, when setting it up, was to turn one room into a Classic looking ,
another into a Country room, the kitchen into a Cath Kidston style
and the yard room into a Romantic/French type of room.
So far, only the Classic room as been successful, in my opinion...
(I know, I`m such a perfectionist)!

The other 2 rooms have been used to display treasures, whenever space allows, without taking in consideration which category it applies to...
So I`m hoping that once the yard room is sort out, I will be able to use it to store items of furniture that need doing up and treasures that don`t fit into any of the categories
in order to be able to keep to the styles of the rooms...
Does that makes sense?
Another idea that I also have is to move the rooms around,
for instance the Classic room is at the front, which is great at this time of the year...
for Spring/ Easter time, I intend to move the Country room to the front
and the Cath Kidston will be at the front for Summer time.
I think it will be fun and exciting to change with the seasons!
Although it will be time consuming, I think it will be a challenge for me
and something that I`m looking forward to do!

Another thing that I`m quite excited right now... is finally getting to terms with and to use my Christmas present, from hubby!

Finally I`m a proud owner of a Singer machine!
And I`m putting my fears behind of using a sewing machine for the first time, by experimenting making lots of lovely treasures. So far I used to do it by hand, which was quite time consuming and some times painful to my fingers... :-)
I`m quite pleased with the results!
Not bad for a first timer, huh!:-)
Anyway, better go now... still lots to do!

Be careful out there and do try to keep warm!