Monday, 14 September 2009


Wow! I`m such a lucky girl!
Nearly 15 years ago, I found what proved to be my best Treasure find, yet!
What could it be? You may ask!
My sweet hubby! I say he is a Vintage Treasure, because there`s 10 years difference between us.:-)
Everyday, he manages to delight me one way or another.
Lately he`s been a good help, hanging pictures for me...
I recently bought, this fab. vintage velvet headboard and stool on one of our recent WEBSITE buying trip...
And decided that it may look great, to use as a pin board.
So he hung that too!

And I quite like it! It gives a nice eclectic look, which is what I`m trying to achieve in my loft craft room.
This past Saturday, Alan was busy for about 5 hours, tackling our bedroom headboard.
It was pink before, and its now a golden color...
Poor thing, he had to upholster 28 buttons to go with it, hence taking him so long.
I think is much more in keeping with our bedroom decor.
The rich velvet bed canopy it was originally two huge pairs of curtains.
So I decided to use one to make our bed canopy, for a romantic and luxurious look!
The lady who I bought it from, said that cost her over £250.00!
It does have some minor marks at the back, because of condensation, but who cares?
The photo below, is a close up of the pretty picture that we have above our bed...
My Alan is so T.A.L.E.N.T.E.D in so many ways...
He taught himself computer programming from scratch, which made it possible for him to give our WEBSITE a complete new make-over.
There`s so many more things that I could say about my sweet hubby...
But one of the things that attracts me the most to him, is how a good daddy, caring hubby, and friend he is...
And he as a soft side too!
The photo above, was taken yesterday at his parents home.
He is holding our adorable 10 month old nephew, that we only got to meet twice so far,
because his lovely mummy & daddy and his cute 3 year old brother, moved to live in Holland.
By the way, I wish them, a safe journey home, today by ferry!
Dear Becky and Graeme, thank you so much for coming all this way, to allow us to spend precious time, with your beautiful children!

So in this post, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for my Alan, for everything that you do and for having the patiente of a saint...:)
And for just being YOU!
Sometimes, it`s so easy to take the people in our life that we L.O.V.E the most... for granted!