Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Early Mornings and Website Make-Over

Welcome to D-E-T! I`m so glad that you have decided to stop by...
Things are now okay in my end... although the past few days, have been a bit difficult!
Now that my 3 precious treasures are back at school... I feel a bit sad and lack business orientation.
First I couldn`t wait for the past six weeks to go fast enough so I could go to our premises and work on listing many more beautiful treasures... and now that I have my freedom to do it so again... I somehow feel lost.
Mostly because I`m a bit concerned regarding our kids going back to school.
A mother never stops worrying, I suppose!
Anyway, again my Prince Charming (Alan) is on hand to reassure me that they will be fine!
I know, I`m such a worrier!:-)
So there`s no more doing this for me, in the mornings...
Instead I will be rushing like a headless chicken, making sure that my 3 treasures look presentable and arrive to school in time.
After that, finally I will be able to go to our premises and get back to what I L.O.V.E doing... List, list, list...
By the way... Our website has a new look! It is now simpler to navigate and has a fresh look to it. Which I truly LOVE!
A good start to get me motivated to list many of the beautiful treasures, that I have accumulated in the past 6 weeks.
If you are new to D-E-T, the photos below... are just a few examples of what to expect from us.

Hope you have enjoyed looking at these photos.
And a big thank you to our costumers, for allowing us to do what we do best!

Another great thing that I`ve got to come, is returning to the gym.
I started going just before the school holidays, but stopped, as I prefer going in the mornings. And it wasn`t possible, since my 3 treasures being off school.
In the mornings, there`s mostly older ladies, and we have a good laugh! With the oldest being 82! Wow! She sure doesn`t look it!
I found these ladies to be such inspiration to me! With a great sense of humour and great zest for life!

That`s it for today! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
And hope to see you here again, soon.