Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Mum`s Wedding Anniversary

Hello everyone, I hope that this post finds you all healthy and happy!
We had a great Bank Holiday, specially on Sunday. As we went to my mum`s and step-dad 6Th Wedding Anniversary party!
I decided to surprise both of them with this cake that you can see on the first photo below, which was made to order by a friend!
I wanted to be quite simple, so I could personalise it myself!
So I`ve decorated it with some pretty faux flowers to all sides and two adorable vintage ducks on top.
As I walked through the door holding it... it moved my dear mum to tears of J.O.Y!
I also wanted to make a special gift. So I decided to make a big heart. At first I intended to add the cross-stitch word to the center of it, but then I thought that it would be such a shame not to show the pretty fabric, so I came up with this idea...
And here is the heart, complete with lace, beads, vintage glass chandelier drop and brooch.
And here is the finished result.
I also decided to add a pretty flower to the center of the bow, although it is difficult to see on this photo below...This is how I decided to wrap it.
With tulle, beautiful faux flowers and a pretty Mother brooch on the center, for a pretty touch.Of course, I had to make a pretty card also!
A L.O.V.E card to go with the L.O.V.E heart.All 14 of us had lots of fun, in my Mum`s and Bill`s beautiful home!
Pretty flowers from the garden, adorn the kitchen.
And the next two photos, are of my hand-made heart!
What do you think?
Should it be displayed on their guest bedroom mirror or on the door?
While here, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Bill for being a great husband and friend to my dear mum and us, as she so deserves!