Friday, 28 August 2009

Winner And Craft Room Make-Over

Hello friends... hope you enjoyed coming to my tea party! I had lots of fun having you around!
I`m going to L.O.V.E giving my beautiful hand-made cupcake pin cushion to one of you!
So here it goes... Good Luck!
And finally the winner as announced by my very cheeky assistant Dani is:

CONGRATULATIONS! Colleen from Oklahoma in the U.S.A.
Lovely Colleen makes the most wonderful quilts! Well worth visiting her blog for fabulous inspiration, and while there... Why not say hi?!

(To all my other friends... Don`t hurry! I plan to host many more fab give-aways, in the future.)

Now changing subject, this week I`ve started to re-decorate my craft room, which is in my very small attic.
(The two photos above... Shows how it used to look a long time ago.)
Until a few days ago... its been very neglected, messy and very untiedy, to be honest!
So enough is enough! It`s time to get the paint brushes ready and start decorating...
Or, so I thought! I`ve been struggling for inspiration, specially which color to paint the walls and my vintage furniture.
After a lot of time and desperation, searching for ideas... I came across the front cover of the Romantic Homes magazine, and I know that was it!
The dramatic colors of the room above are so me!!!
Here it goes, a few samples on the wall... for testing.
This beautiful Vintage chintz fabric that I just L.O.V.E...
Which I hope to use it to give a little make-over to my 14 lampshades and perhaps making a few cushions too!
Also, I struggled deciding which colour to paint my Vintage dresser!
I first painted it white. But thought it looked too clinical to my liking!
So I decided to paint it again, with my trusty cream paint... which I have used it in all the woodwork in the house.
Not totally happy, I also added the same fabric to the back of the dresser... and voila!
Finally! I`m a very happy chick!:-)
Now, let the fun begin...Finally it`s starting to take shape...
And looking much more organized...You can never have too many pretty things to look at...And find a good excuse for owning too many books!And craft supplies...
And be surrounded by pretty treasures...
For inspiration!
The photo below... is of my chair.
I`ve added a vintage bridal veil to it and a posy of pretty flowers for extra pizazz!
Update: And while here, I just thought to share with you, what I have done to one of my lampshades so far... Still a work in progress! But so far, so good!:-)
One down 13 more to do!!!

I will share more photos, as the work progresses!

Hope you enjoy your weekend! Whatever you do!
As for my English friends, I`m wishing you all a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend!