Wednesday, 23 December 2009


A very Merry Christmas from the Moss household to yours!

It`s starting to feel a lot like Christmas around here... although this year has been quite an eventful one.
So much so, that this year our nest isn`t really decorated for this Christmas joyful season,
has our original faux Christmas tree is being used in our window shop display,
greeting people as they pass by...
We still have to paint the black window frame...
The hanging baskets idea, come from a photo of one of Cath Kidston window shop display, that I`ve seen on the net.
I just thought, if its good enough for C.K it`s good enough for moi!-:)
Although I`m loving running my little treasures shop... it can also be a very tiring affair!
So this year we decided to simplify this season as much as possible, in order to enjoy a stressful free Christmas.
So my apologies if most of you haven`t received a card or email from me this year... as a matter of fact no one has! Oops!-)
Instead I will be donating some £££££ to Derian House which is a charity that its close to my heart.
I`m leaving you with some photos of how our nest looked like last year... Unfortunately this year we just didn`t bothered putting that much effort.

My apologies for the photos below, being so dark...
I was trying to be clever, wanting to showcase the twinkling fairy lights
that we had sparkling, just the right amount of Christmas magic outside...
We had some on the tall ferns...
Outside on the front windows...
... and inside on the mantel and tree.
And sadly, the fairy lights don`t show on any of my photos.
After all that work!:-)
Never mind...
Still pretty to look at... Don`t you think!
There`s something magical about lighten candles...
And more the merrier!
What about our vintage HUGE crystal chandelier...
I always enjoy to dress it up for the joyful season.
Although it isn`t as fun, when it`s time to take the Christmas paraphernalia down.:-)
I remember having a sore neck for a couple of days, after.
(No pain, no gain.)Lol
One thing that we did do... was lighting the dining room fire.
Which has become our family tradition.
As we only get to do it, at this time of the year.
It gives a wonderful Christmas feel.. and smell.
More candles... 10 to be precise.

Dear hubby has excelled himself... once again.
Our Bertie the Turkey (which we get to name every year) was absolutely delicious, very succulent... actually everything was cooked to perfection, indeed!
Thanks honey!

While here, I must wish you all...
I hope is your best ever Christmas, yet!