Thursday, 7 January 2010


Okay, one day of snow... kiddies being off school... and seeing them playing outside was fun...
but the strenuous cold and icy conditions, as meant that my 3 treasures have been off school all week.And I haven`t been able to open my shop! Which means, everyday that it`s closed...
I`m losing money!
And bills still have to get paid! Urghh!!!
Although the heavy signs of snow does look pretty...
... and very fluffy!
And according to my cheecky Daniel (who`s 7), it tastes yummy too! :-)
So I have been busy finishing projects that I`ve started on the Christmas holidays,
as well as starting new ones... as a matter of fact I haven`t stopped at all!
I will show the end products on another post, hopefully soon!
Also, as soon as the shop re-opens, fingers crossed next Monday...
I intend to make some changes to it!
My shop is divided by 4 small rooms, which used to be the lounge,
dining room, kitchen and the small yard that has been covered and is also a room,
although I`m still awaiting for the landlord to sort the damp that we have in it,
in order to use it fully...
(Photo of the back yard room, below.)
My first intentions, when setting it up, was to turn one room into a Classic looking ,
another into a Country room, the kitchen into a Cath Kidston style
and the yard room into a Romantic/French type of room.
So far, only the Classic room as been successful, in my opinion...
(I know, I`m such a perfectionist)!

The other 2 rooms have been used to display treasures, whenever space allows, without taking in consideration which category it applies to...
So I`m hoping that once the yard room is sort out, I will be able to use it to store items of furniture that need doing up and treasures that don`t fit into any of the categories
in order to be able to keep to the styles of the rooms...
Does that makes sense?
Another idea that I also have is to move the rooms around,
for instance the Classic room is at the front, which is great at this time of the year...
for Spring/ Easter time, I intend to move the Country room to the front
and the Cath Kidston will be at the front for Summer time.
I think it will be fun and exciting to change with the seasons!
Although it will be time consuming, I think it will be a challenge for me
and something that I`m looking forward to do!

Another thing that I`m quite excited right now... is finally getting to terms with and to use my Christmas present, from hubby!

Finally I`m a proud owner of a Singer machine!
And I`m putting my fears behind of using a sewing machine for the first time, by experimenting making lots of lovely treasures. So far I used to do it by hand, which was quite time consuming and some times painful to my fingers... :-)
I`m quite pleased with the results!
Not bad for a first timer, huh!:-)
Anyway, better go now... still lots to do!

Be careful out there and do try to keep warm!


To E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E!

Wishing you good health and a prosperous New Year ahead...
That all your dreams, resolutions and ambitions will come through...
...with a little bit of hard work on your part, of course!:-)
After all, everything feels so much better when you are able to achieve your goals,
(no matter how big or small)
after some hard work and dedication...
My resolution is that I can make my little shop, a successful business venture for many years to come and hopefully seeing it grow...
Although it means that I must, and I will truly and fully dedicate myself to it, 100%!
And who knows, maybe even pass it down through the Moss generation,
although so far only J.Lee (who is our 9 year old)
has shown any interest in it,
and she always enjoys helping mummy after school,
by serving our costumers with a big friendly smile!:-)
In order for my goal to be achieved I have decided to not accept comments in my blog,
for an unlimited period,
as I`m finding it difficult to find time to read your posts
and subsequently leave you comments!I truly have appreciated every single one of your comments... and I think that`s only fair and considerate of my part if I was to reciprocate the favour...
And as my spare time is so limited at this moment, I`m not in the condition to visit you, as I would like!
I hope that you understand my reason... and thank you so much for your interest, support, friendship and love!

God Bless!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


A very Merry Christmas from the Moss household to yours!

It`s starting to feel a lot like Christmas around here... although this year has been quite an eventful one.
So much so, that this year our nest isn`t really decorated for this Christmas joyful season,
has our original faux Christmas tree is being used in our window shop display,
greeting people as they pass by...
We still have to paint the black window frame...
The hanging baskets idea, come from a photo of one of Cath Kidston window shop display, that I`ve seen on the net.
I just thought, if its good enough for C.K it`s good enough for moi!-:)
Although I`m loving running my little treasures shop... it can also be a very tiring affair!
So this year we decided to simplify this season as much as possible, in order to enjoy a stressful free Christmas.
So my apologies if most of you haven`t received a card or email from me this year... as a matter of fact no one has! Oops!-)
Instead I will be donating some £££££ to Derian House which is a charity that its close to my heart.
I`m leaving you with some photos of how our nest looked like last year... Unfortunately this year we just didn`t bothered putting that much effort.

My apologies for the photos below, being so dark...
I was trying to be clever, wanting to showcase the twinkling fairy lights
that we had sparkling, just the right amount of Christmas magic outside...
We had some on the tall ferns...
Outside on the front windows...
... and inside on the mantel and tree.
And sadly, the fairy lights don`t show on any of my photos.
After all that work!:-)
Never mind...
Still pretty to look at... Don`t you think!
There`s something magical about lighten candles...
And more the merrier!
What about our vintage HUGE crystal chandelier...
I always enjoy to dress it up for the joyful season.
Although it isn`t as fun, when it`s time to take the Christmas paraphernalia down.:-)
I remember having a sore neck for a couple of days, after.
(No pain, no gain.)Lol
One thing that we did do... was lighting the dining room fire.
Which has become our family tradition.
As we only get to do it, at this time of the year.
It gives a wonderful Christmas feel.. and smell.
More candles... 10 to be precise.

Dear hubby has excelled himself... once again.
Our Bertie the Turkey (which we get to name every year) was absolutely delicious, very succulent... actually everything was cooked to perfection, indeed!
Thanks honey!

While here, I must wish you all...
I hope is your best ever Christmas, yet!


Wednesday, 2 December 2009


My recent absence has not been without good reason and even now I`m still finding it hard to believe...
that after years of dreaming of one day having my little shop, (since being a little girl, in fact) it finally has materialized one month ago.
We first had planned of opening a shop last year, (September to be precised) and we had quite a few treasures ready, we even found what we thought was the right shop for our business and so on but our business advisor gave us, what it was proved to be the best advice ever, which was to wait another year, until the credit crunch was over or at least not as bad...
And so we did, but until then we rented an office just so I could pursue with our website business for one year as some of you may know...
But after a lot of carefully thinking me and Alan decided to go ahead of making my long time dream come through, and after two months or hard work... Painting, pricing, transforming small pieces of shabby furniture into chic again and more painting, this time our display cabinets that my sweet Alan made...
Hurray we can finally open the doors to our new costumers!
E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E has been so kind to us!
Strangers which are now friends and costumers of ours have being so very supportive and have been helping us one way or another.
And we truly appreciate their kindness!
Sometimes praise or words of encouragement means so much more than people realize... to me anyway!
Although I also must say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our loyal website costumers.
(Specially this lovely couple... Maisie and Tom) who have been shopping with us since I first had my first website which was called Tres Chic, four years ago?
Wow! has it been that long?
And of course, I couldn`t leave you out... another HUGE THANK YOU goes for you as well, my blog friend(s) for your support!
Although I`m afraid I have been away for the blogland for so long, and I feel as if I have neglected you all! So apologies from me to you!
Another HUGE THANK YOU to our family and friends for your support when in doubt, and specially Alan`s sweet parents for looking after our treasures...
a lot of the time, so we could get jobs done.
But the bigger THANK YOU OF ALL, must go for Alan, for making another one of my dreams come through...
I`m still finding hard to believe that I`m now playing shops for real!:-)
Okay, I won`t bore you anymore.
Enjoy looking at the photos of our lovely shop, and I will try to catch up with you all soon...
And by the way, do try to keep warm!

This is what my lovely costumers first see as they come in...
I`ve received many compliments with this display of grouped
blue and white china...
I`ve made the bunting... all by hand!
The fabric that I used was more like for upholstery... so my fingers were quite sore.
But, the pain was worth it in the end. Me thinks!:-)
Stacked vintage suitcases always look lovely... and more patina they have...
The better!
I used a 19ct french fabric for the heart.
Another pretty view...
(This lovely table and lamp have already sold!)
Yuppie! So now I`m wondering what to replace them with...
The gorgeous curved glass Edwardian cabinet... is also for sale.
And makes a lovely feature in this room.
Remember my gorgeous wax flapper doll?
She`s been SOLD, to a lovely lady, who`s already becoming a regular!
Love the hand painted French box on the photo above...
Hopefully, someone else will!Lovely Vintage and Victorian plates adorned the walls...More pretty treasures, to please the eye...Lovely collection of collectables... above.More treasures...The middle room...So much to see... and hopefully sell!:-)
Figurines...Teapots...Tins... For the connoisseur!
I first intended to paint the small kitchen dresser...
But got SOLD, before me doing it so. Hurray!Beautiful handmade cushions, granny blankets. curtains and eiderdowns...
Make this corner, cozy and inviting.Hopefully, we will have more Vintage attire to sell...
As there`s no other shop in our town who specializes on doing it so.Clear glass, coloured glass, fancy glass, simple glass...
Oh! And a beautiful Singer manequin also!
Which is been used to showcase vintage brooches...
And has space avaiable, to add a few more to it.
This ornate mirror was our first sale!
And was SOLD to a lovely young couple who are setting their first home together!
They also bought the black table which I hand painted.
(Thank you so much to both of you!)
These treasures, couldn`t have SOLD to a nicer couple.
Hopt pink painted shelves above the counter unit...
Makes a lovely feature in this room,
and showcases a number of pretty treasures
to entice costumers as they wait to be served...
In the third room...
Lovely huge welsh dresser which is for sale, still...The two lovely wall cabinets, have been SOLD...
And I`ve just finished painting tree others to replace these...
(Although they are smaller).More painted furniture... in this corner.
The pretty dressing table... which I also loved painting...
Was SOLD to the same lady who bought the wax doll...
it will be a Christmas present
for her lovely 14 years old daughter.
The original handles were missing,
so I`ve added new handles and the result is a pretty mix of old and new.
I also treated my new costumers with these lovely hearts.
Free when they spent £20.00 or over...
I used Cath Kidston, Vintage and French fabrics for these,
as well as lavender and a vintage glass chandelier drop.
(I`m glad to say, that they all went on the first week!)

Anyway, more yummy photos to come on my next post!
Must go now and have my beauty sleep, as I`m hoping for another busy day tomorrow!
Sleep tight everyone, and thanks for stopping by!