Tuesday, 11 August 2009

My Hydrangeas... Beautiful Hydrangeas...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by...
Tea or coffee? Do you take sugar! A slice of freshly home baked cake, perhaps!
Please, do make yourself at home!
And while here, you may want to have a look at one of my favourite garden blessings...
They are beautiful fresh and bright and are available in a lovely variety of colours...And just like Roses they are just as beautiful when dried.Many people remember hydrangeas from their childhood.
And today we are falling in love with them, all over again, as they are recommended for the amateur and the experienced gardener!
Also it`s easy to find hydrangeas that will bloom in almost any location, since the collection is now so widely available.
I think hydrangeas are such wonderful flowers...
Don`t you, too?Do you like this pink hydrangea table vignette, on the photo above?
And what about this one, which is recently displayed in my bedroom... And this one, in my living room mantel...

Which hydrangea color you have... Or admire the most?
I`ve added the blue and purple hydrangea into my wanting list!:-)

Please do come back soon!
I would love to see you again!